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'People-oriented' is the premise for Jingzhuo to continue innovation and keep progress. Every people at Jingzhuo is regarded as a part of our precious wealth. We won’t train production and management skills only, but also pay more attention to the cultivation of good characteristics like honesty, diligence, and mutual help. Jingzhuo pays high attention to welfare and daily life, which makes every people at Jingzhuo feel like a home, which also inspires our people to work full of passion and eventually keep our company full of vitality. JingZhuo is committed to culture development comprising of honesty, diligence, mutual help, innovation, progress and share. This helps raise the quality of our people and the image of our company, also, this reinforces the senses of responsibility and mission for both our people and our company. It combined our people’s value of life and our company's core values into one to share our company’s achievement together.