Shenzhen Jingzhuo Circuit Technology
 Co., Ltd.
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Talent Concept:

People who can reflect our company's all-round wills, whatever of the education level, position or job type, are talents that our company requires. That is, we believe everyone is a talent.? Our company insists on the principal that a real talent should behave with good quality of morality and ability, that morality goes first and the company follows good advices without herd mentality. For people with good morality but lack of ability, our company will create life and working conditions for them to exist and develop so that they could stay at Jingzhuo and fight with our company. But for people with ability but poor morality, or people without ability or morality, our company wonĄŻt refuse them to leave. Our company wonĄŻt need people working on schedule only, but also pathfinders full of quick reaction and innovation.

Recruitment Process:


Job seekers are interviewed by our Administrative Dept. After interview, new employees fill out the "employee entry" form, and provide a resume and some copies like working experience description, academic certificates, ID card, possible training certificates and some other supporting documents.